Our Cookies

The Classic Menu | The Night Baker Favorites

The Chunky Classic – Dark Chocolate Chunks, Walnuts and Sea Salt. An all-time fave The Night Baker way.

The Chunky Classic - The Night Baker - Cookies

Campfire Smores – Toasted Marshmallows, Chocolate Chunks and Cocoa. Think Smores in a Double-Chocolate cookie.

Campfire Smores - The Night Baker - Cookies

Mistachio – Roasted Pistachios, Matcha and White Chocolate. Green on green cookie goodness.

Mistachio - The Night Baker - Cookies

The Secret Menu | Limited Edition Cookies

Ooh Bae – Ube (purple yam) Cheesecake cookie with an Ube jam filling. Our softest cookie yet with the all around yummyness of Ube.

The Night Baker - Ooh Bae Cookie

Black Forest – Triple Chocolate Cookie with Maraschino Cherries. A trifecta of chocolate perfection with your cherries on top (literally).

All of our cookies are handmade with extreme love and care without any artificial preservatives. Cookies may contain nuts and wheat.

Please enjoy our cookies within 3 days

You can also see more of our cookies on our Instagram page: @thenightbakerTO